Fundraising Information

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Registering as a fundraiser will create a unique fundraising profile page and link that you can customize and send to friends/family anywhere asking them to sponsor you by donating to Friends of Children. You do not have to register for the 5K to register as a fundraiser.

Q: How do I register as a fundraiser? Do I have to register online to raise money?

A: You may register as a fundraiser only, or as a fundraiser and runner/walker simultaneously by checking one or both boxes at the top of the registration screen and then completing the registration form. There is no fee to register as a fundraiser only.

You do not have to register online or set up a profile to raise money. Some of our best fundraisers collect all their donations offline. Offline fundraisers should bring their cash/checks (made out to Friends of Children) to the Health and Fitness Expo Friday, April 22nd from 4 - 7 pm at the Westside Baptist Family Life Center. Offline fundraisers are eligible for fundraising prizes (see below).

Q: What happens after I register as a fundraiser?

A: A fundraising page/profile will be created just for you. Click "Fundraising" at and then log into your profile using the email address and password you entered when you registered.You can customize the page with a photo and message to potential donors and then share the page via email or social media.

Any monies donated through your page will be credited to your profile (and your team profile if you joined a team). Your page will keep a total of all your online donations.

Q: How do I know who donated to my page?

A: Log into your profile using the email/password entered at registration and click "My Account." It's always a good idea to send a personal thank-you note or email to donors.

Q: How do I create a fundraising team or join an already created team?

A: You'll be prompted to create or join a team at the top of the registration screen. (Team captains should register first and create their team page so it will appear in the drop-down menu of registered teams.) Once you create or join a team your individual profile will appear on the team profile. All monies raised from your individual profile will be reflected in your total and the team total. Click on Team Information under Fundraising above for more information on team fundraising.

NOTE: Because a unique email address and password is required to set up a fundraising profile and join a team, all online fundraisers and team members must register as fundraisers individually. There is no fee to register as a fundraiser. However, parents, guardians, or team captains who wish to pay for multiple 5K registrations at the same time can register multiple participants for the 5K at the same time.

Q: Do I have to join a fundraising team?

A: No, we welcome individual fundraisers.

Q: Can I enter offline donations?

A: Not at this time. Please keep track of your offline donations and bring them to the Expo or on race day. They will be added to your online total to ascertain your eligibility for prizes. The Team Information page provides details for collecting and turning in offline donations.

Q: Are there prizes?

A: You bet!

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