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Teams are the heart and soul of community fund raising events and their success depends largely on your efforts. This guide provides tips for encouraging team spirit and fundraising and instructions for collecting team money. If at any time you have questions about team procedures, please contact us at

Purpose of Teams

The purpose of forming a team is to build excitement and unity to maximize fundraising potential. Your role as a team captain involves motivating and inspiring your team to raise as much money as possible via direct donations and run/walk registrations.

Team Qualifications

Teams can be between 3 and 10 members. To be eligible for prizes, teams must create a profile on the event website, or email event leadership at with your team name and team captain's name.


The team that raises the most money will be recognized in the awards ceremony. Team members are also eligible to win the highest individual fundraiser trophy.

How to Create and Manage a Team

Step I: Set up your team online. Note: 5K registration is not required to participate on a fundraising team but someone – preferably the team captain-- must register as a fundraiser at the website IF your team wants to collect donations online. If you opt not to set up your team online, please email with your team name, captain's name, and contact information so we can add you to our team mailing list.

Online set-up:

  1. Decide on a team name.
  2. Team captain registers as a fundraiser here. He/she can also register for the 5K at the same time.
  3. Team captain creates the team profile by entering the team name at the top of the registration form. Note: If you register for the 5K at the same time you register as a fundraiser and create your team, you will be directed to the PayPal screen to pay your 5K fee(s) and will not return to the page. You will be sent an email with a link to your individual fundraising profile where you can log in using the name and password you entered at registration to customize your individual and team profiles. You can also log into your profile anytime by going to the Fundraisers or Fundraising Team pages.

Once the team profile is created, team members will be able to join during the registration process by selecting the team name from a dropdown menu.

NOTE: A unique email address and password is required to set up a fundraising profile and join a team. Therefore, all online fundraisers must register as fundraisers individually. There is no fee to register as a fundraiser. However, parents, guardians, or team captains who wish to pay for multiple 5K registrations at the same time can register multiple participants for the 5K at the same time.

Step II: Recruit Team Members

Before contacting prospective team members, consider setting a fundraising goal and, if this is a work-related team, asking management to provide a prize if the team reaches its goal (matching gift, afternoon off, catered lunch, etc).

You know best how to encourage participation among your friends or colleagues, be it through email, posters, presentations, word-of-mouth, or a combination thereof. Regardless of your initial point of contact, the most effective way to close the sale with potential team members is by inviting them to join the team via email or social media. In your email to prospective team members, instruct and encourage them to register for the 5K and as a fundraiser online; join your team; customize their profile pages; and share their fundraising pages with friends and family via email and social media. (See attached copy points you can cut and paste into an email to prospective members).

Other suggested copy points for your “join my team" email include:

  1. Providing a little info on the run/walk and the Friends of Children's goal (see attached paragraph).
  2. Letting them know the event is a fun family event (see attached paragraph).
  3. Reminding them of your team goal and incentives (Chick-fil-A appreciation breakfast, prizes, etc.), company/organization competitors also raising money, etc.
  4. Urging them to register as soon as possible. Shirts are only guaranteed to those who register by April 13th, 2016 and online registration closes April 22nd, 2016. They can also register offline by mailing in the registration form/fee. Inform them that $10 of their registration fee will count towards the team's fundraising goal.
  5. Letting them know that team members do not have to register for the 5K to help raise money.

Step III: Cheerlead and manage team fundraising

Team captain responsibilities include:

Other business taken care of at the Expo/early packet pick-up includes:

At the event, captains should also

Miscellaneous Information

Cut & paste paragraphs for emails to team members, donors, etc.

About Friends of Children . . .

Friends of Children of North Central Florida is a nonprofit 501c3 organization working to establish a Florida Baptist Children's Homes foster care campus in Alachua County that will provide a loving, stable home for abused, abandoned, and neglected children.This campus, which opened its first unit in December of 2013, is the first of its kind in the area, conceived with the vision to provide a place where brothers and sisters can stay together.

The FOC acquired property for the campus in 2005 and raised more than $3 million towards a maintenance endowment and construction of the 20-bed campus. Construction of unit 1, a 7500-square foot duplex that will accommodate two sets of house parents and up to 10 children was completed in the fall of 2013 and opened in December 2013. Funds are still needed for unit 2, which is projected to cost another $700,000. FOC is a local charity and every dollar raised will benefit children in North Central Florida. As of January 16th, 2015 we have enough to put into motion to break ground for unit 2.

Visit and for more information. Although we want to raise as much money as possible, if we raise $500 we'll be treated to a Chick-fil-A breakfast after the 5K. Team members who raise $400 or more will be entered in a drawing to win a $150 Visa gift card and other prizes.

Family activities . . .

The Yerman Friends of Children 5K is a great place to bring the family for a brisk or leisurely morning walk. There's also plenty for kids to do before, during, and after the walk: games and prizes, art easels, face painting, inflatables, and balloon animals. The Chick-fil-A Cows will also be on hand providing all kinds of mischief and fun.

How to register and raise funds online . . .

Registering for the run/walk and raising funds online is easy . . .

1. Go to and click “Register." Be sure to register for the 5K and as a fundraiser if you plan to walk/run. You do not have to run/walk to raise funds. There's no fee to register as a fundraiser only. If you register as a fundraiser only be sure to unclick the 5K box and click the fundraiser box.

2. Choose our team __________ from the dropdown menu at the top of the registration form, then complete the rest of the form to set up your individual fundraising profile.

3. After registering, using the email/password you submitted during registration, log in and customize your profile with a picture and personal message to prospective donors.

4. Share the link/url to your individual profile with friends and family via email and social media. All monies donated via your profile will also be credited to our team.